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January 15th, 2007

05:29 pm - Hello?
Are we still all here?  Or have the death pangs of inactivity hit hard?

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December 27th, 2006

06:29 pm - Holiday Joy!
Hey everyone,

Two days after Christmas now by my count which may be wrong but thought I should ask you all how your Christmas was. Did you eat too much Turkey like I did, still recovering from that one or did you drink too much wine, assuming you are all old enough although that wouldn't stop you from having one glass or did you get super presents?. Or was it all of the above for anyone?.

Me, I had too much turkey and I'm currently in recovery. Wine, not really so I stayed sober through the festive season even though it hasn't ended yet. Presents, not much to talk about there but overall my Christmas was okay. Could have been worse, could have actually snowed this Christmas lol.

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December 12th, 2006

09:58 pm - Greetings, etc
Hello, my name is Carrie, and I will be playing Tigh, as applied for and approved today. :)

I'm an experienced roleplayer, but mainly of the live variety, but LARP and tabletop, so occasionally I may need prodded about some fine point of the rules, but I'll be doing my best.

I'm an ardent fan of BSG - you can find my normal journal at femalegamer, and very occasionally posting over at TWOP as krilia.

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November 30th, 2006

02:46 am - Getting Started
Okay firstly sorry for my lack of presence here. Second, I think Adama is right, that we should do a sort of getting to know each other thing so that it will get our juices pumping and attract more people to the rpg.

The problems I find is with the current characters we have which makes picking a timeline from the first three seasons hard. Six and Helo are generally together with Gaius and Sharon which we don't have.

Season 1,2 are the easier to drop into because most of the characters currently taken are in the fleet, on the Galactica or Colonial One. Season 3 so far is a little harder.

My ideas on low battery:

1. We start from Season 2 Epi 6+7, have them searching for the tomb of Athena. Most of our characters were involved in that, some arriving later. The problem is, Six and Dee weren't part of that group and Zarek, the Chief, Billy and Sharon aren't taken.

2. The Ending Season 1, beginning season 2, Six and Kara fight with Helo and Sharon wandering in near the end. Could be good for you girls to start with the fight and then Helo can get involved and hopefully Sharon. Adama is lying in sickbay, critical so little work for you Adama until you wake and Lee and Roslin are locked up. Dee can get involved in this thread easily so I think that covers all characters taken. Problems with this thread, no Sharon Valerii shooting Adama and no Tigh, since this is his big command role.

3. Can start before all this happened - Kara and Lee transferred to Pegasus and Helo in the brig for murder. Adama and Dee are easily involvable, and maybe the Six prisoner on the Peg. Roslin would be playing the peacemaker between both Battlestars. Problems, no Cain, no Sharon, no Chief, no Gaius.

4. Upon liberation of New Caprica, everyone is trying to recover back into there old lives, Kara trying to forget Kasey/Casey and concentrating on her piloting, perhaps being a little suicidal which could cause Adama, Lee, Helo to become concerned and try and help.

5. This one I think works for the everyone getting to know each other idea. The Unfinished Business epi coming up where a boxing competition is held. At least I think it is that. Anyway everyone could participate in that, although Six can't. Damn, everyone else can either take part or watch the competition and here we can start the juices pumping plus get to know each other and more importantly it is posting!. It can lead to on to something else. The good part is we don't know what happens after the competition so that way we can decide the story for a while.

6. Have a total AU thread where it isn't following anything from the show.

That is my ideas and I know they are lame but thought I'd suggest them, please feel free to make a comment, good or bad but try and keep the criticism to a minimal. I am at half battery power and posting this at near 3am in the morning. All above ideas can lead on from there, whether it be following the show events or an AU.

Personally I think idea 5 is the best for the getting to know each other and it can lead onto anything since we don't know what happens after the competition or who wins it. Six, not sure how you would fit in that timeline but anyway, my ideas aren't the best and I'm sure one of you can think of something better.


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02:23 am - HELLO!

I just wanted to say hello to everyone and formally introduce myself. My name is Samantha.
I will be playing the role of Anastasia Dualla. So please friend the journal anastasia_bsg

If anyone needs to contact me online my YIM screen name is anastasia_bsg and my AIM screen name is gryffclaw.

I am looking forward to getting to know everyone!

New episode Friday! It looks like a really good one too!!

~ Sam.

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